Frequently Asked Questions


When should I book my appointment during pregnancy/post partum?

During pregnancy, please book after the first trimester (12 weeks) and post partum at 6 weeks. It is never “too late” to book and appointment during pregnancy and your therapist can help you even if you are late into the third trimester.

If I am having a planned cesarean or have had a cesarean delivery, do I need Pelvic Physiotherapy?

The pelvic floor works with the abdominal region, and research suggests that women who have had a cesarean delivery may still be at risk for pelvic conditions such as bladder leakages. A pelvic examination pre-natally and post-partum may ensure optimal health of the pelvic floor in these cases.

Is Pelvic Physiotherapy covered by insurance?

Pelvic Physiotherapy is covered under regular Physiotherapy for most insurance plans. Please check with your coverage provider.

How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions will be determined by your specific concerns, treatment goals, and the assessment performed by the therapist. There is no cookie-cutter approach as you are a unique individual.

What does an assessment include?

The assessment is 60 minutes and includes taking a detailed medical history, assessment of the appropriate areas, and treatment. Externally, the physiotherapist may assess your low back, hips, and abdominal region including movement and strength. The only way to adequately assess the pelvic floor is via an internal examination, vaginally and/or rectally, depending on the areas of concern. An internal exam is performed with patient consent, draping, discretion, while taking into consideration comfort at all times. Proper precautions are taken for hygiene and gloves and lubricant are used in accordance with Health Canada guidelines.

See What Clients Have to Say

" I absolutely love going to this place and I’ve had multiple treatments over the last couple of years. I feel so welcomed and listened to every time I visit. All the practitioners I’ve visited have been amazing!!! Thank you for a wonderful clinic atmosphere and taking patients’ needs into careful consideration. Your clinic environment is so clean, while comforting at the same time – thanks for all that your clinic does! I truly enjoy going here and always tell everyone about your awesomeness! "
- Jade L
" What a professional and well run clinic! Practitioners are incredibly knowledgeable and not judgmental. I myself am being treated by western medicine techniques. With adding eastern techniques I feel renewed hope in one day achieving a healthy, term, pregnancy. I appreciate that the clinic is supportive of blending western and eastern medicine – they have a lot of different literature and peer reviewed papers in their office, allowing me to research as much as I care to. I can’t say enough for the clinic and the empathy/compassion the staff have shown to myself, and other clients, in person and on the phone. "
- Emily H
" This is an amazing clinic. Calgary is blessed to have such a wonderful clinic in its community. All the practitioners I’ve received treatments from are professional and gentle. The front staff are all kind and personable. I am so happy, I found this clinic for care I needed this pregnancy. I will continue care here postpartum as well. "
- C.T.
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